Be wild, Be kind!

OpenBubble is a #socialimpact tool tailored for your crazy busy life! We make it easy for you to instantly meet local and friendly people in real life, without spending too much time online. 
(Re) Connect in real life, in a safe environment!

Safe, light-hearted and warm conversations


Same struggle

in the US, GB, Australia!

In 2018 a Loneliness Minister was appointed to help the 9 million British feeling often or always lonely

In 2018 176M people always or often felt lonely in the US

Youngsters often are the loneliest: those between 18 and 37 are lonelier and less healthy




For happy coworkers!

Positive social interactions improve employee’s well-being, performance, motivation, and retention, and thus the team performance

OpenBubble is a CSR tool that develops transversality and knowledge transmission within the company

It’s easy and fast: you instantly meet new people! Each user decides when they want to get social - for instance, while waiting to board on their plane or get on their train


Improve health and well-being in your city!

Loneliness in big cities has grown to become a key public health issue. It generates as many public expenditures as obesity or smoking

OpenBubble includes isolated communities and reduces social tension and  save some money on health


Public & Professional Fairs – Festivals

Liven your event up through easy and immediate encounters. It makes the first step towards meeting someone new much easier!

Elsa, 35


She wants to take a break from her 4-hour long dancing spree. She loves to chat and meet new people but she doesn’t know who else wants to talk around her. OpenBubble is here for Elsa!

Tom, 22


He just lost his friends in the crowd. He would like to chat and enjoy his time with new people. OpenBubble is here for Tom!



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